I was at the Store this morning, like I usually am on mornings when I would really rather be in bed, when a woman came up to me and asked where the Sunbelt Granola bars were. Now, last night, we had our floors stripped and re-waxed, and in order to do that, everything that can be moved off of the floor must be taken away. So when we opened back up at 8:00 am, there really was a very empty looking store awaiting all of us.

I explained to this woman what was going on, and that her Granola Bars were somewhere in the back of the store, stored under a half-ton of stuff, or possibly bolted to the wall, 20 feet in the air. It is not a large back room we have. The lady did not take this news well… she slumped her shoulders, looked at the floor, and sighed, “Oh well…”

She began to walk to the check-out lane, and for some reason or another, I decided I would do my good deed for the day. I walked up to her and said, “you know what? Let me go in the back and look for those bars… what kind did you want?”

She smiled. “Oats and honey!”

I took off towards the Back Room of Death, and searched for a few minutes, without finding anything resembling granola bars. A few seconds later, I found a guy who had seen that display. Together we dug it out, and I got a box of Oats and Honey Sunbelt Granola Bars.

I broke into a slight jog (which, believe me is a strenuous thing for a man of my size) and made it back up to the checklane to find the lady… being handed a receipt for her groceries. Seconds too late.

“I had to dig these off the truck,” I said, triumphantly holding up the Bars.

The lady looked at me, then at the Granola Bars.

Then she let out a big sigh and rolled her eyes, saying, “Well… I guess I’ll pay for them separately.”

No “oh great! You found them!” No “thank you so much for your trouble!”

Just that. I walked away in a huff.

This is what happens in this job. Every few months, I forget about how stupid and full of themselves the Public are, and try to do something nice for someone. Then it turns out like this, and I go back to normal.