"Lost" was not a show that I watched during the first season. I just never got into it much. I would catch 15 minutes here and there, and it didn't really make sense to me. Plus, I think it was on opposite some other show I watched, or perhaps during one of my scheduled naps. Either way, I never really watched it until ABC started re-running the first season over the summer. I caught a few episodes and was intrigued. Then, as if it were a sign from God, Target put the first season DVDs on sale. So I bought 'em. And now I'm a huge nerd. I have watched all the episodes without blinking, and have been zooming in on everything that looks remotely interesting, which most of the time turns out to be Kate in her underwear, but sometimes is a clue. I don't do anything on Wednesdays anymore but surf the Lost Forum for too long and then watch Lost, and then get back on the forums to participate in a large-scale group-think. My girl and I have long discussions about different connections and our theories. And then I started thinking about what I've become. Not only was I never this fanatical about a television show (edit: I do own all available seasons of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I don't sit around and talk to people about What Kramer Does For A Living or The Larry David Flashback Sequence) but I've never really been fanatical about anything.

I've got several friends who are really big nerds about Star Wars. Not just the camping out before a new movie or quoting movie lines 24/7 – although they most certainly do both of them – but they go so far as to have Star Wars Parties every week where they play some Role Playing Game that involves someone writing a story, and then someone else rolling dice to find out how many Ewoks they killed with their +12 Plasma Rifle. To tell the truth, I've never been that interested in it, and on the nights when they would play, my friend Kevin and I would just sit on their front porch and drink a 12 pack of beer.

I guess I have to admit that I'm addicted to this show now, and become almost as bad as they were. If I was just normal watcher of the show, I would never have sat at this computer, pouring over high-res screenshots of The Black Light Wall. I would never have taken the time to look up all the multiple translations of Latin phrases. I would never have sat down to work out mathematical equations using the Numbers. Hell, I would have never even wrote about it privately, much less on the Internet.

And, like it or not, I don't think this show can keep up the Big Mystery much longer. It looks like we are closer and closer to the Real Truth behind this island. It is some sort of experiment, or a research center run by the Dharma Initiative. That much, at least, is coming into focus. And if I'm right, then that kind of worries me. I mean, we are only nearing the end of the second season. Should they really be giving away the Big Secret this early? Once the fan base is told that this is a huge research facility, and that every weird thing on the island can be explained with some sort of scientific basis, then what else is left to figure out? Smaller mysteries, to be sure… and a fuller fleshing-out of the connections between the survivors. But that's all that would be left, correct? Wouldn't the rest be left to coincidence?

For instance, Walt & the Polar Bear. For the longest time, we assumed that Walt had some magical powers or something, and by reading that comic book of Hurley's, he created a Polar Bear from sheer will. But now, we get this clue written on a blast door in bleach that tells us that the polar bears were there for an experiment. So then, are we to beleive that Walt doesn't have any special gift?

That's just one thing, but I hope you can see what I'm getting at. If it turns out that this is just one big research facility gone wrong, then how much longer can Lost keep it up?

I also hope that the creators really do have this whole series planned out to the end. Because if they don't… then this show could end very badly. Think about it; the show is still making money after the primary story arc is concluded, so they deviate from their roots a bit and start creating new side stories and play up more character drama, that takes away from the original point of the whole show (I'm talking to you, ER).

Don't get me wrong. I love this show. It is the only television I watch. I have just gotten very nervous over the course of this season, because of the sheer amount of good quality episodes and really awesome reveals. That leads me to believe that we are getting closer and closer to reaching The Climax. For me, at least, What the island is, Who runs it, Where it is, and Why it's there, are the whole point of the series. The creators could just ask the audience to accept everything else as a coincidence.

I sincerely hope not.