I love the first few weeks of spring. You just feel good when you walk outside. You can open all the doors and windows (at least the ones that haven't been painted shut by the landlord) and just let the breeze come through the house and cleanse the dank, musty air that has been lingering for too long, being recirculated constantly through the furnace for 4 months. It's very calming. Very relaxing. Very "ahhh…."

Too bad I can't relax right now. There are simply too many things going on at this moment for my dented mind to handle. Not the least of which is Our Wedding. We are getting married in less than six months, and I think I'm starting to freak out a little bit. I originally wanted a small little ceremony that included the parents and immediate family, but somehow, over the course of one evening, that lovely, simplistic idea had the kneecaps blown off of it.

More on this subject later. I'm going to sit outside and try to calm down.