I really do love spring. I love that smell of freshly-mowed grass, even though it makes my sinuses clog up. I love the way the trees look and the way everything around me seems to be coming back to life. I love the sound of children playing. I love the way my cats go crazy, darting back and forth from the front door to the back door, watching every bird and squirrel that may or may not be encroaching on their territory. I love the way you can prop the windows open, lay on the couch and be happy.

The bad things about spring, of course, are those idiots who drive around playing "music" that you can feel in your colon.

I was sitting outside today, on break, and I swear… there were about 19 cars in a row who drove through the parking lot of my shopping center blasting rap music. Booming this shit so loud that they were actually rattling windows and setting off car alarms. What a bunch of assholes.

Now, before you go off and label me as a complete prude who simply doesn't "get" the kids of today, just wait. I really do like loud music (sometimes) when I'm driving. But I also have the common courtesy to turn down said music several notches when I pull up to a stop light, or drive through a parking lot. I figure that if other people wanted to hear my music, they would be in my car. And I really don't want them in my car, so I don't make my music interfere with their lives.

I'm not going to take the low road here and say that all rap music is nothing but an angry dude rhyming over un-inspired samples and canned beats. I won't even mention the fact that, out of all 19 of those passing cars today, there was only one song that sounded remotely different from the other 18 songs. And I most certainly will not go on a long diatribe about how people who choose to put that much money into a sound system for their car probably owe several months' worth of late utility bills. But I will say that it is just a matter of common courtesy.

The other problem I have is that any music, be it rap, rock, country, or classical, is supposed to contain a mixture of Treble and Bass. If you turn up the Bass high enough to drown out the higher, clearer Treble tones, you are really only getting half of a song. Just the awful booming. Over and over and over. I don't get it. Music contains a whole range of sounds, or at least it should. You would be surprised how much more you can pick up from a song if you listen with higher mid-range and raised treble, as opposed to simply bumping up the bass so it rattles your car.

And maybe that's the point. Maybe there really is nothing else to hear in rap songs other than the words and the beat. Most of the stuff that passes for rap today is just a sample continually looped over one of about 5 different drum beats, generated by a computer. There are no drum solos in most rap. There is no bridge, usually. So maybe that is the only type of music that really doesn't lose anything from having too much bass. Maybe that's why it's so popular. Because it's simple music.

Whatever. It would just be really damn nice if you could keep it to yourselves.