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I saw this commercial for Paul Mitchell hair products on television the other day. It had Paul standing on a roof that then turned into a salon. Then he starts talking about how his products aren’t sold in drugstores or grocery stores. What? Of course they are. Show me how these products aren’t actually made by Paul Mitchell. Does he think that all of us grocery stores just buy his shit off the back of a truck from some guy? Of course its the same thing. This commercial just ticked me off to no end because he is basically lying to people and it can only help his business.

Think about it. The people who believe Paul-o will run directly to his salons and buy his crap at a hugely inflated price and forever curse grocery stores for selling Black Market Paul Mitchell products. The people who don’t believe Paul will flock out to the grocery stores and drugstores to buy his somewhat-cheaper-but-still-overpriced crap and think they are getting a deal out of the whole thing.

I think it despicable when companies just lie to the public and no one calls them on it. And who’s left to do that job? Everyone is someone else’s property now.


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