We finally got around to turning the small bedroom in to the office last week. I really like it. It’s my new favourite room, even though it’s not finished. And I will continue to refer to it as an office, even though we don’t technically need and office. My wife and I both work in retail. There is no chance at all that we will either have to bring work home with us, or be asked to work from home at any time in the future.

That’s what offended me about that whole Avian Flu thing last year. One of the tips that my job gave me for not getting sick was – of course – “make arrangements to work from home”. Okay. Yeah, I can see my manager really going for that:

Me: “Hey, boss… you know, when this Avian Flu comes to kill us all, I’m going to start working from home until the whole thing blows over. Can you buy me a laptop?”

Boss: “You realise that your job is to put price tags on the grocery shelves, right?”

Me: “That’s why I needed a laptop.”

So, needless to say, it really offended me when the news media would invariably always offer the “work from home” myth as a viable solution to going Out In Public and contracting strange Asian Bird Diseases. There is a huge number of people in this country that cannot do that. Not everyone has a 9-5 office job. There are millions of people who work in food service, the retail industry, manufacturing, the medical field… not to mention all those people who work as Police, Fire Fighters, Sanitation Workers…

Who do they think they are kidding, really? Out of all the dozens and dozens of people I know, only one is able to actually Work From Home. But he never does, because they still expect him to put in 40 hours a week at the office, no matter how much he works from home. Ain’t that a pantload? That’s like getting a Bonus Check that you can never cash.

Really, other than my wife doing homework, and me balancing my checking account, there won’t be much actual work going on in our office. I realise that. That’s why I’m setting out today to make it more comfortable. We already have the stereo, the second-tier entertainment center (DVD + VHS + Nintendo) and the computer in here, but the only place to sit is on my video rocker or her computer chair. Obviously, something is missing that is stopping this from becoming a fully-functioning Home Office.

A Couch. A big ol’ comfy, fluffy, cheap, second-hand Couch. It’s the cornerstone of any good Home Office. And once I’m finally sitting on my Comfy Couch, playing Super Mario Brothers 3, watching Sin City on DVD, and listening to The Slip’s new album, I’ll realise that I have, in fact, created the perfect home office workspace, except for one thing. I’ll need to buy a mini-fridge eventually.

This is going to be the best Home Office ever.