Go and find some keepsake that you are really fond of and hold dear, and destroy it. Make a new enemy today. Go out and do something the Government fears. Adopt a puppy. Watch children at play and annihilate their dreams. Write a song. Read a book and ruin the ending for your friend. Yell at a stranger. Run over a pothole with your car and then go back and do it again. Tie yourself to a pole and scream for help. Chew a whole pack of gum at one time. Buy a magazine aimed towards the opposite sex, rip out all the pages and staple gun them to your walls. Make a list of your fears, and face them. Stop your car in an intersection and wash your window. Get thrown out of a bar. Buy a homeless man some lunch. Put your CDs in an order that only you can understand. Write a letter to someone you don’t know. Go to a store and pretend to shoplift. Then really do it once they think you are playing around. Catch people off guard. Ruin a perfectly good shirt. Take a walk in the park and chase small dogs. Tell a child you’d like to play catch with them, then run away with the ball. Walk into traffic and dance. Sing on top of a monument. Be a clown starved for attention.

Don’t ever tell me there is nothing to do.