I’m piss drunk on cheap wine and mad at the world. The worst part about it is, I’m actually scared to death of becoming a victim. And the longer I go on like this, the more like a victim I become. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to do the right thing… The Man will eventually slap you back down to your place in life. If you aren’t one of the Chosen Few, then to hell with you. You can just rot.

Sit there for all eternity with your medical bills, broken fucking car axles, fucking shitty bottom-feeding no-paying jobs, and what have you, and just Sit There. Sit there until you choke on your own vomit watching Television about Dead Fucking Celebrities and Asian Porn and other things that don’t really matter in the great scheme of things; but they are the only things that you can wrap your mind around right now. If… God Forbid… you try to think of other things… like getting yourself out of this fucking hole you’ve dug for yourself, or actually going out and bettering yourself… then you will just implode. Drunk on alcohol and illicit drugs, passed out on the couch, waking up just in time to get your government check from the mail person.

Cash that son of a bitch and buy more alcohol. No one can save you now. You are on a path towards Greatness, dammit. Greatness or suicide.

Not that I advocate either.

Fuck the way things are. A man who cannot take care of his family isn’t a man, but a common rodent. I don’t wanna be a rodent. I’m trying to be a man. My God… am I trying to be a man… So why is it that everytime I try to do things like they should be done THEY FUCK ME UNTIL I AM RAW AND BLOODY?!?!?!

I cannot abide this rotten Proletarian Bullshit any longer. If, by the grace of God, I am allowed to continue my path, it will be to avenge any other poor saps who have been beaten down and raped by The System.

It’s times like these when you debate the existence of God. Why would the whole point of existence on this Earth be for suffering of The Good, while The Bad are exhalted, reviled, worshiped, rewarded?!? Why fucking bother?

Don’t call the EMT’s just yet, you fucking heartless swine. I’m not a goner. Nowhere fucking near. I won’t give you the satisfaction. In fact, I’m going to be around a good long while.

…for the sole purpose of pissing people off

Fuck you.