Just hours ago, Rockstar Games released the first trailer to Grand Theft Auto IV. It looks wonderful.  Real even. And they are going back to Liberty City.

Kind of a bold choice, seeing as this will be the third time they’ve used Liberty City as a major part of a game. Lots of kids on the Boards are up in arms about it; they wanted something new and fresh. And in a way, they will get it. Just from the few seconds we see of this new imagining of Liberty City, it seems as though it will make the Liberty City of GTA 3 look like a neighborhood.

We see who everyone is currently assuming is the lead character, speaking with what sounds to me like an eastern European or Russian accent, saying, “Life is complicated. I’ve killed people… smuggled people… sold people… Perhaps here… things will be different.”

Different. Groundbreaking. Something new and… yes… fresh indeed.

I think I have it. I’ve figured out the premise for GTA IV. Think about this – GTA 3 was about working for and against different factions and gangs in a city. Vice City was (while being a moderate ripoff of scarface) all about taking over shit and building a criminal empire. Same thing for San Andreas. Building an empire. Owning everything in sight. All three have been about rising up through the ranks of different criminal organizations and becoming powerful.


GTA IV will be groundbreaking. You will start out working as dumb muscle for some crime boss or another. He will send you on a few missions, and then soon enough he will (gasp!) betray you. You will be hung out to dry. Sent to prison. Almost killed. Left for dead. Something like that. You get the idea. And it is at that point that the game will take on a whole new level of play.

You will muster up what is left of your pride… patch yourself back together… and go out looking for a job.

That’s right. You’ll be so jaded with the whole crime thing, that you will give up and go straight. At this point, you have to wake up every day, go to work, deal with customers, pay your rent, file your taxes, start a family, get a second job, take in a stray dog, have a couple of kids, a mortgage, and a 10 year old family sedan.

After all… the best revenge is living well.