I’m so excited. In February, I wrote about a game called Disaster Report. A couple years ago, I read about a possible sequel to it. And it’s finally here. I bought it used for $10.

Raw Danger!

How can you look at that exciting box art and not be blown away with excitement and anticipation?!? You get to run away from a flood and hold hands with a girl! Look at that Biohazard logo down there! You can’t mess with biohazards without a protective bandanna and necktie! I bet there will be all kinds of action and excitement and awesomeness in this game. Even the game’s title contains an exclamation point! I can’t wait to play it. Box art has always been a great way to tell a lot about a game:

Pac Man Box Art

After all, Pac-Man* always was my favorite medieval-jogging/yarmulke-eating game of all time.