I really like the Harry Potter books and movies. They are well-written, well-directed, well-developed stories and adaptations of said stories. They have also become very popular. As such, there have been several people who will make a living off the hard work of someone else. That being said, I want you all to watch this from Google Video.

Now… I try to not be a mean-spirited person. I make very real attempts in my life to never disparage a fellow human being. I always try to follow the Golden Rule.

But someone has to tell Tim Beasley to stop. He’s just… bad.

The description on his website (and on the video sidebar) reads, in part, “Compare this Professor Snape impersonation creation with the movie character and you’ll see both have Snape’s wicked crooked nose, sharp piercing gaze, skull-boned cheeks and sallow complexion…” and then my favourite part: “[his] voice is every bit the same low octave attention getter with a proper British bite…

Huh!? Did you watch the same movie I just did? Did Tim Beasley watch the same movie I just did? I didn’t pick up any resemblance of a British Accent. I did, however, hear Tim refer to the Hogwarts groundskeeper as “Hagrith”.

That also brings me to my favourite part of the movie:

Tim: “Woah, Hagrith! You know who I’m talkin’ about? The big guy? He can eat a whole tub of popcorn all by himself.”

Big deal. So can I. So can most people.

Maybe I am just being mean here. Tim Beasley is probably a very nice man. A very nice man with a lot of costumes. Who likes to dress up. And found a way to make money with it.

So… good for him. Really.